The SharpeeZ

Maximum Rhythm & Blues Band

Stage Layout and Equipment

The Sharpeez  comprise two guitars, bass, drums and occaisonally harmonica, with three vocalists.
The stage layout is as shown with the drums taking a central rear position, the guitar on stage right (viewed from behind) and bass stage left and harmonica left of the bass

Three vocal microphones are required at the front line

Drum mics required -  a minimum of one mic on the kick drum, but full kit mic'd for medium to large venues.

PA System - minimum 2kW with full range and sub woofer speakers with appropriate crossover filters. Shure SM58 vocal mics or similar.

On stage foldback required for guitarist, bassplayer and drummer.

Backline amplification comprises:
Guitar - Fender 100w and Marshall 100w combos
Bass  -Trace Elliot 350w combo

Microphone signals to main mixing desk from the guitar amps (min one)
Direct Input (XLR output) from the bass amp

Stage Lighting

Suggest four (min) 300w colour floods